Haley Cotton

Haley Cotton is our Educational Leader at Middle Park Kindergarten, teaching the 4 year old kindergarten group.

Haley has been working in the Early Childhood field for more than 20 years and come with much experience. She finished her bachelors degree in Sydney from Macquarie University and can work in school and kindergarten settings.

Since her time at university she has worked at many different educational settings and have seen an array of different teaching styles and philosophies at play. This experience has led Haley to see that “children learn best when provided with a safe and supportive environment that challenges them, inspires them and promotes a self of well-being.”

She sees children as competent individuals who come with their own way of learning. An environment that supports their unique way of learning is imperative for success. The teacher is only one element in the teaching process. The physical environment plus the connection the children have with their peers, and the wider community all help build skills in the child and importantly feel a sense of belonging and identity. This sense of belonging and community is vital for children to grow into mindful citizens of the world and for them to continue their journey into learning.

Haley has a passion for inspiring children to be their best self. She believes that through open-ended experiences plus intentional teaching opportunities and project work, children can take mastery over their own learning.

In her spare time she enjoys meeting up with friends and family, loves nice food and getting outdoors in nature. She likes to try and keep fit by walking her dog and doing some exercise. She also enjoys cooking.