Vision Statement:

Within our close-knit community, Middle Park Kindergarten nurtures and inspires young learners to unlock their full potential. Our passionate and skilled teachers draw on their experience and the National Quality Framework to deliver a kindergarten program with four key areas at its heart.

Children at Middle Park Kindergarten:

  1. Feel Empowered
  2. Receive Quality Education
  3. Belong to a Strong Community
  4. Respect their Surroundings


  1. We believe all children can be successful, competent and capable learners
  • Middle Park Kindergarten provides a nurturing and safe environment in which young children are valued and respected.
  • We encourage children to explore, to investigate new ideas of interest and engage in a variety of experiences.
  • We treat children as capable learners, encouraging their desire to construct meaning and to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works.
  1. Our teachers guide our children to be active inquirers and to develop independence
  • Our teachers have a holistic view of the child acknowledging that all areas of development are interrelated.
  • Our teachers provide experiences that empower children to express themselves individually and to problem solve.
  • We support further education and training opportunities for our teachers and attract the best staff for the benefit of the children.
  1. Relationships between children, parents, teachers and the wider community are essential for a child’s learning and development
  • Our kindergarten fosters enduring and respectful relationships between children, families and the wider community. We celebrate diversity, we value giving back to the community and we teach our children social awareness.
  • We strive to develop each child’s sense of identity.
  • We have close relationships with local schools, including Middle Park Primary, to enable a seamless and supported transition into primary school for each child.
  1. Our children learn to respect their surroundings, where they explore and play in a safe and sustainable way. 
  • We provide a supportive natural environment with a variety of learning of areas.
  • We actively encourage children to take responsibility for caring for the environment and their personal health, by teaching healthy eating habits.
  • We are committed to sustainable environmental practice across all aspects of the kindergarten. We incorporate recycling into our programs, endeavour to use natural materials where possible, and aim for paperless methods of communication.